21 songs
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Art: Kevin Mellows
Dates: 06/10/14 - 06/20/14
Songs: 21
Votes: 288
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Fightmaster Summary:

Holly Furlone takes it by a nose.

Explanation for those of you who were anticipating a different result:

57 votes came in after the deadline, all from Miami Dade College, 26 of which were for Darrick Lucas. These have been disallowed. Sorry Derrick, get the word out sooner next time. The system was neither overloaded, nor are we pissed off, per your facebook posts. Sorry your friends couldn't muster the 99 you were after, but don't feel bad. Business as usual, Darrick. If you think you're first one to try to game the system, get over yourself. We have plenty of experience with this, and know how to deal with it. -your pal, SPUD
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