The Endless Song Fight Playlist

11 songs
By lunkhead
A game of tag via Song Fight songs on a playlist. Fighter A picks a song to add by Fighter B, then Fighter B picks a song to add by Fighter C, and so on. Full details are on the bulletin board.

To get things started, and because the Jukebox requires playlists to have at least two songs, I'm going to kick things off with one of my songs, "Deep Sub-Reddit". It's a song about Internet communication in general, not just Reddit. For my pick, I choose Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff's "Hero Points". Even though this isn't a staple of Ken's live sets, it's a favorite of mine from his archive. I really like the instrumentation and vibe and melodies, and I think it's a gem.

From Ken: I'm going to choose Abecedarian's A Promise is a Promise next. This is a really great song by a talented and nice guy. They've entered under a handful of different names, but this is the track that hooked me.